Lead Trainer, Sebuyau School Robotic Programming Workshop Bank Rakyat Foundation, 2022.
External evaluator, Science & Maths in Primary Education in Timor-Leste Unesco, 2022.
Delegate, Japanese Institutions Collaboration Visit Institute Islam Hadhari, 2022.
Speaker, Let’s Use Japanese Proverbs Malaysia Japanese Language Instructors. 2022.
Panelist, Bon Odori: Religious Ritual or Just An Entertainment Forum Kursi Sheikh Abdullah Fahim, Institute Islam Hadhari, UKM 2022.
Delegate, Embassy of Uzbekistan Discussing Research and Collaborations Institute Islam Hadhari, UKM 2021
Coach, Sumitomo Research Grant Proposal Writing Faculty of Computer Science Technology, UKM 2021
Coach, Sumitomo Research Grant Proposal Writing Ideas UKM 2021
Speaker, Sumitomo Research Grant Proposal Writing: A sharing session The Institute Islam Hadhari 2021
Keynote Speaker e-Seminar Penyelidikan dan Inovasi dalam Pendidikan (e-SPeDIP)- 2021
Facilitator Program Training of Trainer in Computational Thinking for IPG Lectures and STEM Teachers Institute of Teacher Education Sarawak Campus, Miri – 2021
Moderator, Online Discussion on Da’wah in Japan: Opportunities and Challenges. The Institute of Islam Hadhari – 2021
Speaker, Coaching Competency Program OSDeC Mampu Faculty of Information Science and Technology, UKM – 2020
Session Chairperson Islam, Science & the 4th Industrial Revolution – Institut Islam Hadhari 2019
Speaker for the Dialogue session: Big Data 12th Malay College Youth Development Summit-2019
MCOBA Volleyball Captain for ExSAS President Tournament (Quarter-finalist) Shah Alam – 2019
Organizing Chairman & Spiker for Malaya University at the Veteran Malaysian Public University Alumni Volleyball Champion UKM – 2018
UKM Volleyball team for Staff Sports Event for Malaysian Public Universities UMP – 2018
8th University Scholars Leadership Symposium, ‘Building Life, Giving Hope’, Bangkok UKM – 2017
Volunteer at Humanitarian Aid Mission Kitchen in Calais, Calais, France 2016
Reviewer, Int. Conf. Adv. Electrical Electronic System. National University of Malaysia 2016
Forum Panelist: The modernization and democracy faced by the Elite Invitation by HE Mr Mohamad Benaisser for Forum d’Asilah, Morocco – 2016
IQ 121 (top 10% of population – England) MENSA – 2016
Speaker, 7 Things Muslims Can Learn From The Japanese Indonesian Students’ Association in Oxford – 2016
Speaker, Inspiring the next generation of engineers, University of Sheffield Sheffield Umno Club – 2016
Chef de mission, Oxford to Calais Humanitarian Aid Oxford Umno Club – 2016
Co-organizer, Malaysia Young Scholars Universal Leadership Program (MySOUL), London Education Malaysia London – 2016
Panelist of McLEAD Forum on Education Badan Perhubungan Negara, Sheffield – 2015
Panelist of Forum: Malaysian Student Leaders in UK International Islamic University Malaysia/ MUBARAK – 2015
Trainer, Authentic Teaching Learning and Assessment (ATLAS) for 4 batches Seameo Voctech, Brunei – 2013-14
UKM Volleyball team for Staff Sports Event for Malaysian Public Universities UTM – 2014
Facilitator for the Technical Skills Upgrading Programme in Industry Electronics Dato’ Seri Mohd Zin Vocational College – 2014
Humanitarian Aid and Educational Mission to Cambodia and Vietnam Bangi Perdana – 2014
Reviewer, Journal of Microelectronics, Elsevier. 2013
A Member of UEM-UKM Micro-controller Chip Mentorship Project at School. SMK Taman Nusajaya – 2012
Japanese language speech contest for foreign students Gifu city – 2005
IQ 128 (top 15% of population – Malaysia) MENSA – 2004
Jig sawing process trial run for chip-scale package Secron, Korea – 2004
IC package molding trial run Towa Corp., Singapore – 2004
Kuala Kangsar U-18 district volleyball player. District of Kuala Kangsar 1991