Subjects Taught at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Engineering  Subjects

  • C++ Programming (Year 1)
  • Engineering Mathematics (Year 2)
  • Advanced Devices Technology (Year 3)
  • Microelectronics Devices (Year 3)
  • Electronics Laboratory (Year 3)
  • Reliability and Integrated Circuit Characterization (Year 4)
  • Advanced Semiconductor Physics (post-graduate)
  • Digital Integrated Circuit Design (post-graduate)
  • Embedded System Design (post-graduate)

Engineering Related Subjects

  • Engineering Professionalism (Year 1)
  • Fundamental of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Year 1)
  • Small Medium Enterprises Consultation & Development (Year 2)
  • Engineering Ethics (Year 3 incl. Kuwait students)
  • Engineering Management (Year 4)
  • Cost Accounting and Engineering Economy (Year 4)
  • Research Methodology (post-graduate) 
  • Management on the High Impact Program  (Open)

Supervision (Past & Current)

  • B. Eng.
  1. Serum uric acid classification techniques using Deep Learning– FY project (2021) Mohamad Nazhan Mohd Nizar (In progress) 
  2. The feature extraction of photoplethysmogram for gouty arthritis patients. FY project (2021) Nurin Izzati Mohamad Azizul (In progress)
  3. PPG feature extraction for serum uric acid measurement– FY project (2020) – Nurliyana Muhamad Aminaldi
  4. Classification of the level of gouty arthritis using PPG– FY project (2020) – Tan Ming Shin
  5. ECG Analysis for Sudden Cardiac Death prediction – FY project (2019) – Izzat Ami
  6. Prediction of Sudden Cardiac Death Among Malaysian and Selection of its Biomarkers – FY project (2018) – Najieha Sujan
  7.  Patient health monitoring system using a smartphone application – FY project (2014) – Faizatul Azwa Azam
  8. Development of electrocardiography (ECG) monitoring system using smartphone applications- FY project (2014) – Susamraine A/L Yi Lak
  9.  Zigbee network for home automation system- FY project (2013) – Ili Ayuni Mohd Ikhsan
  10. Zigbee-based wireless monitoring and control system – FY project (2013) – Mohd Syazwan
  11. Design of a 16-bit RISC processor using adiabatic switching – FY project (2012) – Eng Kar Tian
  •   Msc.
  1. Photoplethysmogram classification for mental health – research – Azwani Awang (in progress)
  2. Design of wearable RFID tag to monitor ambulatory patients in rehabilitation centre – coursework (2019) – Nur Asma Ismail
  3. The design and simulation of low power 4×4 bit Multiplier using adiabatic circuit – coursework (2018) – Nabeel Yousef Farhan Qudaisat
  4. Development of estimation technique for respiratory rate from electrocardiogram and photoplethysmogram – research – (2016) Nur Sabrina Risman
  5. Transfer Process of Graphene for Sensor Applications- research (2014) – Norlida Ramli
  6. Color Image Originality Based on Steganography in HSV Color Space – coursework (2012) – Arman Mahmoudbeik
  7. Simulation study of Thermal Conductivity of Several Epoxies in the Die Attach- coursework (2012) – Lim Ro Meng
  • PhD
  1. The empowerment of engineering technology education in the era of IR4.0 from the lenses of quality and islamic values: A Case Study in Malaysia – Ridzuan bin Md.Sham (on-going research) – supervision committee chairman
  2. Corrosion detection and severity estimation from hydrogen evolution process in pipeline – Zazilah May (on-going research) – main supervisor
  3. Development and effectiveness of CT- CHEM Module on students’ achievement, computational thinking and motivation in the topic of Electrochemistry – Samri Chongo – co supervisor
  4. Early detection of Sudden Cardiac Arrest via ECG Signal Analysis – Mohd Zubir Suboh (on-going research) – co supervisor
  5. Non-invasive serum uric acid measurement using photoplethysmogram for cardiovascular disease prediction – Hafifah Ab. Hamid (on-going research) – main supervisor.
  6. Efficient admission control and resource allocation mechanisms for public safety communications over 5G network slice – Anuar Othman (on- going research) – main supervisor
  7. Characterization and development of die attach techniques for miniature device trend in semiconductor packaging – Ahmad Ridzuan Abd Rahman (on-going research) – main supervisor
  8. Design Development and Material Characterization of NEMS-based pressure sensor- research – Saat Shukri Embong – (2016) – main supervisor