As Project Leader (Principal Investigator)

  • Led a team on a research of The Development of COVID-19 Self-diagnostic Systems using Smart Phones for the Benefits of Ummah under the Sheikh Abdullah Fahim Special Research Grant on the Covid-19 Pandemic (USD 7300). 2020


  • Led a team on a research of Photoplethysmogram morphology response to serum uric acid levels using wavelet transform for non invasive cardiovascular disease classification under the Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (USD 17600). 2019.


  • Led a team on a research of Multiresolution signal decomposition scheme for photoplethysmogram morphology analysis in gouty arthritis patients for heart disease risk index under the Research University Grant  (USD 16700). 2019.


  • Led a team on enhancing critical thinking skills of UKM students through alumni mentoring and computational thinking methods under the Key Result Area Research Grant (USD 3800). 2018.


  • Principal investigator of the  m-Cardiac System for Physiological Signs Monitoring of  the Economic Transfer Plan (ETP) Research Grant (USD 23700). 2014.


  • Led a team on developing a Business Simulation under the Strategic Action Plan Research Grant (USD 3900). 2013.


  • Mimos Bhd (External Grant) (USD 10,000) Chemical membrane development for NPK and ammonium ChemFET through UKM Pakarunding. 2014


  • Led a research group on Low-power Adiabatic Circuit Central Processing Unit (CPU) under the Young Researcher’s Grant (USD 12900). 2012.




As co-researcher

  • AP-2017-001/3 Main Stream Project 2017 – 2020 RM50,000
    The identity determination of Gen Z and coping strategies in controlling behavior model.


  • AP-2017-007/3 RM173,000.00 Main Stream Project 2017-2020


  • Unravelling Sudden Cardiac Arrest Ending in Death (SCARED): Towards risk management and development of a prediction model for early detection and prevention.


  • LRGS/1/2019/UKM-UKM/6/4 RM335,200.00 2019 – 2022  Effective learning on Solar Energy Technologies through Mobile-Research-Laboratory for Secondary Schools in Urban and Rural Areas.


  • TRGS/1/2019/UKM/01/4/3 RM259,500.00. 2019 – 2022.  An IOT based patient monitoring for clinical decision support system Transdisciplinary Research Grant Scheme.


  • AP-2013-001 RM200,000.00 2013- 2016 Main Stream Project  A Contactless Sensing System for Extramural Monitoring of Muscle Activity.


  • AP-2014-002 RM150,000.00 2014-2017 Development of International Communication System Provided BY Green Energy Development and Environment Devices for Applicable World Application.


  • DPP-2013-013 RM50,000.00 2013 – 2014 Research Development Fund Development of high capacity network, which is environmentally and user friendly with low cost.


  • DPP-2013-095 RM50,000.00 Research Development Fund Effective Methodologies for Innovative Healthcare Devices Development and Commercialization.


  • DPP-2014-020 RM20,000.00 Research Development Fund 2014-2016 Development of Environmentally Friendly & User-Friendly Networks and Green Technology.


  • GUP-2013-033 60,000.00 Research University Grant 2013 – 2015. Towards a WDM-POF Network System for the Future with High Reliability and Safety Features.


  • PTS-2012-159 RM15,000.00 2012-2013 Chemical and Biochemical Sustainability  Practice Outcomes Through Course Assessment.


  • TD-2015-003 RM200,000.00 Top Down Research Fund (2015 – 2017) Evolutionary Status Study of UKM Alumni (KESAN UKM).