• Led a team on a research of Photoplethysmogram morphology response to serum uric acid levels using wavelet transform for non invasive cardiovascular disease classification under the Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (USD 17600). 2019.
  • Led a team on a research of Multiresolution signal decomposition scheme for photoplethysmogram morphology analysis in gouty arthritis patients for heart disease risk index under the Research University Grant  (USD 16700). 2019.
  • Led a team on enhancing critical thinking skills of UKM students through alumni mentoring and computational thinking methods under the Key Result Area Research Grant (USD 3800). 2018.
  • Principal investigator of the  M-Cardiac System for Physiological Signs Monitoring of  the Economic Transfer Plan (ETP) Research Grant (USD 23700). 2014.
  • Led a team on developing a Business Simulation under the Strategic Action Plan Research Grant (USD 3900). 2013.
  • Led a research group on Low-power Adiabatic Circuit Central Processing Unit (CPU) under the Young Researcher’s Grant (USD 12900). 2012.
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