IDNA Training and Consulting (002901831-V) was established on the 31st October 2018. The company has been moving fast ever since. 


1. Our team can conduct the training stated below for your organization.

>>Computer Programming/Simulation/Design

– MATLab, Robotic (Scratch, mBlock, Arduino), LTSpice, AutoCAD, SCADA


>> Problem Solving Methods

– Data Analytics, Computational Thinking, TRIZ, Business Simulation


>> Survival Camp

– Intelligent Games, Night Jungle Trekking, Physical Activities (flying fox,9 obstacle courses), Survival(Tent Setting, Camp Fire, Survival Meal Preparation, Fishing), Water Confidence (Kayaking, Rafting), Motivational talk


2. Among the projects and programs that we have carried out are as the following:

>>School Holiday Camp (11-13 December 2018)

– A total of 33 students of 7 up to 16 years old took part in this camp. They participated in various team building activities such as night jungle trekking, physical activities (6 obstacle courses), flying fox, survival (setting up tents, scavenging food, cooking), indoor activities (mind games), fishing, kayaking for 3 days and 2 nights. It was held in collaboration with the Millennium Camp.



  >> Japanese language translation work (Open)

– All types of documents to be submitted to the Embassy of Japan.


>> Robotic Class at Sebuyau,  Sarawak (2019)

– A total of 73 students (aged 10-14 years) and 28 teachers participated in this 15-day workshop. The uniqueness of our robotic class is that we incorporate Computational Thinking (CT) since Day 1. Then, it is followed with computer games development using Scratch, system design, assembly and coding using Arduino UNO microcontroller and mBlock language. Hence, the finale of mBOT robot assembly, programming and competition.


>> Leadership Camp for Secondary Students SMK Saujana Impian (19 – 21 April 2019)

– A total of 178 students participated in this leadership camp. Among the activities are; night jungle trekking, flying fox and 11 obstacles, rafting, survival camp (set up tents, cooking), leadership interactive talk and others. We encourage schools to organize a leadership camp with us. For those 72 hours, the students will not only enjoy the nature, but will learn more about life.



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